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Founded by Annalisa van den Bergh, WFB (Work From Bike) is a visual storytelling studio on wheels specializing in editorial illustration, visual journalism, and social media.

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Photos by Casey Greene of the Adventure Cycling Association
Missoula, MT / 2017

In October of 2014, after my father and I spent countless days in the ICU where my dear mother lay in and out of consciousness, two resident doctors ushered us into a conference room. The lights wouldn’t turn on so we took a seat in the pitch dark. As we sat there shivering, we were told that my mother’s organs were shutting down and soon after had to make an impossible decision.

I know – harsh way to start an about section. But my point is that trauma makes you rethink everything.

A plethora of PTSD flashbacks and a layoff later, I decided to take advantage of my own health and spend the summer of 2017 biking across America mostly along Adventure Cycling’s TransAmerica Trail. The trip reignited my love for bike travel and my aversion to full-time desk jobs (at least for now). It also was the most cathartic way I could have honored my mother. The absolute liberation of bicycle touring – a way of travel I first discovered when my mom signed me up for a bike trip with Teen Treks in 2006 – gives me too much joy not to find a way to cycle as much as possible.

The less you do,
the less you want to do.

Something my mother would always say.
It especially resonated with me during my grief-stricken days.

Lambertville, NJ / 1999

So, I’ve merged my design practice with my passion for bike travel and created WFB (Work From Bike). The name WFB is a play off of the common abbreviation WFH (work from home). After my mom died, sitting still for so long – especially at home – drove me absolutely crazy. WFB is an ode to the notion that traveling does wonders for one’s work and soul. Plus, my work itself is very influenced by the bicycle and all the places it has taken me.

Why? Because I come up with my best ideas when I’m moving. Because there’s nothing like the inspiration of changing horizons. Because when I’m happy, I do my best work.  And because I want to live in the good old days.

I like to draw – especially with my legs.
This map shows all the places in the Lower 48 my bicycle has taken me.
Since then, alongside my Miles of Portraits teammate Erik Douds I’ve pedaled around Alaska and South India. Where to next?!

Help me draw a line around the world!

By hiring me, you’re pushing these wheels forward. :)

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My name is Annalisa van den Bergh and I was born and raised in New York City by a Venezuelan mother and a Dutch father. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, photographer, speaker, and diabetes advocate with a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I live with an invisible disability called type 1 diabetes (T1D). In short, this means that my pancreas  – the organ that helps turn food into energy – does not work, so I must do all the work for it. It’s a total pain but I’ve learned a ton from having the condition. It’s never stopped me from pursuing my dreams and has in fact pushed me to do so.

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Photo by Mark Roland
Fort Stevens State Park, OR / 2017

Ness City, KS / 2017

Towner, CO / 2017

Hope, AK / 2018


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