“Joy was motion.”

Laura Killingbeck in her Adventure Cycling blogpost, A Wild Female Human Creature

Hey there! My name is Annalisa van den Bergh and I am an editorial illustrator, graphic designer, writer, photographer, and diabetes advocate available for freelance. My work is inspired by and focuses on (but is not limited to) the two things that give me life: cycling and insulin.

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Video compilation above: Scenes from my second bike ride across America.

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Photos by Casey Greene of the Adventure Cycling Association
Missoula, MT / 2017

In October of 2014, after my father and I spent countless days in the ICU where my dear mother lay in and out of consciousness, two resident doctors ushered us into a conference room. The lights wouldn’t turn on so we took a seat in the pitch dark. As we sat there shivering, we were told that my mother’s organs were shutting down and soon after had to make an impossible decision.

I know – harsh way to start an about section. But my point is that trauma makes you rethink everything.

A plethora of PTSD flashbacks and a layoff later, I decided to take advantage of my own health and spend the summer of 2017 biking across America mostly along Adventure Cycling’s TransAmerica Trail. The trip reignited my love for bike travel and my aversion to full-time in-office desk jobs (at least for now). It also was the most cathartic way I could have honored my mother. The absolute liberation of bicycle touring – a way of travel I first discovered when my mom signed me up for a bike trip with Teen Treks in 2006 – gives me too much joy not to find a way to cycle as much as possible.

Work From Bike (WFB) is both my ideal state of being (as a play off of ‘work from home’) and a noun to describe my portfolio; the work that’s inspired by my bike and the places it’s taken me. Because there’s nothing like the inspiration of changing horizons. 

Some of the routes I’ve cycled in the Lower 48.

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